Friday, August 7, 2009

Danilo is off to school~

Danilo started school on July 30th. He is now in the 4th grade and is so excited to be back. Danilo goes to one of our year-round schools which has been wonderful in helping him with his education. He is still struggling with all areas of his academics, but receives special ESL (English as a second language) help most of the school day. I worry all the time that he will always struggle with school and that it will be hard for him, but he at least has the opportunity to go to school and learn that's far from what he would have received if he was still in Guatemala.

Their is a web~site named where you can sponsor a student so that they are able to go to school. It costs as little as one might spend weekly at the grocery store. Please consider sponsoring one of these children so that they have a is key to stopping the cycle of poverty. Please help one of these children...once you see their adorable photos you won't turn your back.

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merkley4 said...

I have always thought Danilo is a such a handsome young man!!! You must be so proud of his efforts!!!