Wednesday, November 12, 2008

So Thankful....

Maysa is pretty reserved, but in the last few days she is really becoming much more independent and did I mention silly!
She is defiantly more silly with her brothers around and she loves to copy everything they do.

I also wanted to post how thankful I am that Maysa and Danilo are home forever!
I still continue to read blogs everyday and I'm so saddened that their are still so many family's waiting to bring their children home from Guatemala.
There is a little girl named Kinsey and a little boy named Max along with a few other blog's that I check almost daily to see if their is any progress in their case's.
I don't know how their parent's are getting through the waiting and uncertainity...and it angers me that these adoptions are being held up way to long when these children need to come home.
I know the frustrations and helplessness you feel...and sometimes I feel bad for posting how wonderful everything is for me, when I know the waiting and wanting is pulling at your hearts...I hope reading other family's blogs and updates of completed adoptions will give you hope that your children will be home soon as well. Keep the faith and keep fighting!

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ozzy's world said...

I finally got a chance to actually sit down and catch up on blogs. Your family is absolutely beautiful. Maysa looks like she is fitting right in with her big brothers. We are happy that everything is going well for you all.