Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A New Journey Begins...

Wow...what a year!
Danilo joined our family March 27, 2008. He is such a wonderful little boy who has brought such joy and spirit to our family. He is very inquisitive, stubborn, head-strong, affectionate, loving and very silly! It's amazing how well he has adjusted and how quickly he catches on to everything, especially English. I was able to visit Danilo's foster family in September and see where Danilo lived for four years after being a child on the streets of Guatemala. The experience of seeing where he lived has helped me to better understand where he came from and how truly fortunate we are to have him in our lives and away from such an uncertain future. I know there will be many more challenges ahead for him to overcome over the years, but we are a family and we will work through our problems with love an understanding!

Maysa, who I refer to as my BABY GIRL, was welcomed home on September 5, 2008. She has just turned 17 months and is on the go! She is loving, sweet, and did I say beautiful! It's a good thing she has two older brothers looking out for her. In just a few short weeks we have seen her transform from a shy natured little girl into and active, stubborn, smart, and loving child. Maysa is full of life and loves to copy everything we do. She loves to play outside. take a bath, listen to music and dance. She is a great sport when going to her brothers many activity's and is always their to lend a scream or a clap. We are so excited to have her home!

My Devin...he's 11 going on 16. He is the best son that a mother could ask for. He is affectionate, caring and unselfish. He began this journey with me in July 2005 and has been anxiously awaiting for a new brother or sister for well over 2 years. Devin is thrilled to be a big bother and enjoys sharing his zest for life with his new brother and sister. Devin is so understanding about sharing his mom and has begun to be a great positive influence in Danilo and Maysa's life. Even though Devin is only 11 he has shown great maturity and strength through this uncertain adoption process.

I can never put into words how thankful I am for my family and my three kiddo's along with having the opportunity to adopt. I hope and pray everyday for the children in Guatemala that are still waiting for their forever family's.
I'm so lucky and fortunate to be able to share my life and heart with all three of my children!
Our adption journey is over...and a new journey of a family begins!

Stay tuned for "My Three Kiddo's Updates".....


Kim and Steve said...

Stacie you have a beautiful family!! Devin is truely amazing with the 2 younger ones..Give huge hugs and kisses to the kiddos!!!

Kim, Steve and Zack

Beth in MN said...


Congrats on your family being whole.

Just today or yesterday I received an invite to an IAS reunion. If I remember, it's in Nov. I hope you all can make it.

Everyone looks great.

ozzy's world said...

Stacie your kids are beautiful. What a great family you have and what a cool Mom your kids have.


Lannie, Kimberly & Ozzy